“Jerry B,” as he was known affectionately across the church, began preaching as a small boy. He was the first Charismatic speaker to be invited to conduct miracle services at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; and he was recognized by the press as the 20th-century Billy Sunday. Bishop James D. Leggett, General Superintendent of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, says God gave Jerry B. Walker a unique ministry and used him mightily to transform lives.

“Jerry B. Walker was an outstanding evangelist,” says Bishop Leggett. “Some of the greatest revivals across the church were a part of his ministry. I have heard many pastors praise him for leading their church in the most effective revivals at their churches. Some of those meetings would continue for weeks and perhaps even more than a month. Numerous people across the church can trace the beginning of their Christian life to the ministry of Jerry B. Walker, and many can testify to healing and miracles in their lives as a result of his prayers and ministry.”

In his online news service, Hugh’s News, Dr. Hugh H. Morgan published a tribute to Dr. Walker. He recalled him as an entertaining and engaging preacher. “Jerry B. was a masterful storyteller, and rarely, if ever, did he tell the same story twice,” says Morgan. “He could drop in the gospel and the Word of God and cause you to like it. He knew how to make eternal truths real and exciting.”